hold-on-god-knows-what-hes-doingI met a super nice state trooper tonight at Kwik trip. Well…actually two.

I asked him if I could talk to him and when he said yes, I began sharing my vision, and how I want to paint the van artsy, but someone had told me if I did, I’d have cops stopping and harrassing me all the time. He said with a smile “First I have to ask…Are you going to paint it purple? as he points to my hair.

As I told them how I got the van and I’m going to be picking Levi up from Minnesota, he and his partner stood smiling. I explained how I plan to stop at famous places along the way and get photos of the donkey everywhere we stop. Laughing, I explained how my BFF told me to have some fresh crispy creme donuts along and if a cop comes to say.. “I’m sorry officer. I didn’t know I couldn’t be here. I’ll just be on my way now. Here… I just bought these crispy creme donuts for breakfast. Would you like one?”

He and the other trooper laughed. He said “Just so you know… It’s bagels. Now we eat bagels.” We all shared a great laugh. It’s a moment I shall never forget.112e7db687b175c3c5dd70fa285adc9cThen he told me “We see alot of people who are traveling in unconventional ways like you are going to be doing. We actually like to get photos taken with them and put it on our website. It’s really nice to see people doing good. We wished one another well and went our separate ways. The only thing I regret was I wanted to ask him to take a picture with me and I didn’t. He asked if I have a blog and I told him I do and the name of it so I hope he reads this and we meet up again when I’m on the road with Levi.famous-quotes-about-god-has-a-plan-sualci-quotes-intended-for-god-has-a-plan-quotesSuch nice guys just out doing their jobs. I hope to meet many more on this fun filled journey.  LIFE IS GOOD!