Hello. My name is Jo Anne. Welcome to my blog.  If anyone had ever told me that I would go to Washington DC, (all by myself) for my 59th birthday I would have laughed. I never had an interest in going there until this year. FB_IMG_1495410156397.jpgThis year, the indigenous people’s joined together with others who supported their cause. I’d been following the story of the people of Standing Rock and the protest against DAPL. Being part Native American, my hearts desire was to be a part of it. FB_IMG_1495410171479When my daughter recieved an unexpected check on March 5th. I was blessed with the means to make the trip. With a loving push from my BFF, I booked my flights and hotel on expedia and Thursday morning, off I went on a great adventure.FB_IMG_1495410626081

I missed my first plane by 15 minutes Thursday morning, so I was given different flights and arrived at the Ronald Regan Airport about 9:15 pm. With excitement I boarded a shuttle bus that took me straight to my Hotel.

I was nervous about the hotel I had booked because many of the reviews were not good. To my delight, the staff were kind and I was thrilled with the place. I found myself in a beautiful room on the first floor. I thanked Jesus with much gratitude.

Friday morning I walked the short six blocks to the Whitehouse and joined together with the people. FB_IMG_1495410091305FB_IMG_1495580445877FB_IMG_1495580480985My phone needed to be charged, so I walked back to my room to warm up and let it charge with plans to walk back down for the concert. It was rainy and cold outside so I decided to stay in my room and just relax. My BFF surprised me by ordering the treats below and had them delivered to me.FB_IMG_1495410031679.jpgThe next morning I walked back to the Whitehouse and took many pictures as I went. It was a beautiful, sunny day. I knew the shuttle bus would be leaving to take me to the Baltimore airport so I snapped as many photos as I could before having to leave.FB_IMG_1496056217139I noticed a small white building behind a fence, and decided to cut thru the fenced area and take a short cut back to cover ground quicker. I was in a hurry to get back to my shuttle bus, so I paid no attention to the sign on the gate.FB_IMG_1496056191613.jpg I stopped to take a picture of the signs and the building, up close.  The guard asked if I had a pass. hen I said no she told me to go exit the way I came in. FB_IMG_1496055796479When I did, a male officer yelled “Come here.” He asked if I’d read the sign on the gate. I looked down and read. FB_IMG_1496056205575He repeatedly told me in a very stern voice “READ THE SIGNS! IF YOU JUST READ THE SIGNS THEN YOU WILL BE OK!” I apologized, explaining that I was just from a little town in Wisconsin and I meant no harm. I just wasn’t paying attention. As things have progressed I believe this was also God’s way of making me aware of what is going on. He’s telling me in to read the signs He is giving me and to pay attention to them. When-You-Need-God-Knows-When-You-Ask-God-Listens-When-You-Believe-God-WorksThru the gift of that trip to Washington DC, something happened inside of me. I found hope and joy again. I became empowered and broke free from the things that had been keeping my mind in a vise. I learned to live again. FB_IMG_1495580137844

The first night I arrived, I went out of the hotel and laid on the sidewalk to take a special picture of the full moon for my grand daughter Nikki. FB_IMG_1496472748383It represents that though we’re far apart, we’re still sleeping underneath the same big moon and it’s my special way to let her know I’m thinking of her.FB_IMG_1495580121506

She taught me to follow your dreams no matter what others say or think. She and her friend Abby, decided to move to Hawaii right after graduating Highschool. They are there now, living their dream on the beautiful islands. FB_IMG_1496060323349I knew the time had come to begin to take the steps needed to make the journey I dreamed of doing 4 years ago.

And so it begins….(Lord willing) on my 60th birthday I plan to begin to travel in a van across America, with an adorable little donkey named Levi as my companion. Its a fun way to see the states and meet good people, while giving people the gift of joy.

When you see us dont be afraid to come up and get a picture with him. I know he’s gonna put a smile on your face.