Once-you-awaken-you-will-have-no-interest-in-judging-those-who-sleep.jpgMonths before I left for Washington DC, I’d been researching warmer states to find out where I might like to live during the winther months. Wisconsin winters aren’t my cup of tea anymore.

When I you-tubed San Antonio TX. it brought such excitement to my soul. That morning I told my friend Jean that, Lord willing, I would be going to San Antonio TX next year.


Jean and I were talking about my trip before clocking in and I looked down at the colorful bag I’d bought at the store the year before. As I read the patch I smiled. Here is what it says.


Jean got chills and goosebumps. God has a plan. I know in my heart that He is watching over me. It’s really fun and exciting to see all the puzzle pieces coming together.By stepping out in faith and doing what He is leading me to do, Im getting clear conformation daily.