20170523_100555_HDRTuesday morning I took the van to Portage Tires and Auto Service. They worked for hours removing  all the excess seats as well as the wheelchair lift. They did a fantastic job. They even tightened the bus door arm and she closes up nice and tight now.


I went to Tractor Supply to get Levi some sweet feed, Vitamins for his coat, A mineral block, Brushes, Hoof pick, Grain pan, Cedar Shavings, and Ivermectin Wormer. Im all ready for my little white donkey now.


FRIDAY, JUNE 2…  Tonight my friends Cory and Derek got the lift out and the van is empty at last. I put down a tarp that I picked up at Wal-Mart and tomorrow I will lay out the cedar shavings before he gets in.



Talk about last minute success. I’m pretty excited to be heading up to Minnesota and meeting Mary Ann, Mike Levi and all their farm animals.  Sure hope I get some sleep tonight.