I was so relieved when I arrived at the farm. It was past 10pm. Mary Ann had Levi up on her deck and had him all groomed out for me. FB_IMG_1496555020960.jpgWe spent a little time with him. Petting and talking to him. Levi stood as quiet as a mouse.  It was late so we put him back out in the paddock. He yelled heee-hawww all the way to the others.

Saturday morning I went out to see all the farm critters. There are Guinea Hens. Geese. Pigeons. Ducks. Chickens. Rabbits. Goats. Sheep. Pigs. Two Border Collies. A Highland cow. A Jeresy cow. 3 other donkeys. And her horse Sadie. I spent a little time petting and scratching the donkeys.20170604_092029_HDR


It’s a very quaint farm and a wonderful place to call home. I’m so grateful to have her and Mike as friends.20170604_092031_HDR