I had originally made Levi a temporary stall behind my seat, but opted to wait until I get an actual stall with side walls built in this area. That way he will have a secure and safe area plus he won’t be able to get at me when I’m driving.


Getting Levi in the van was a breeze. With the help of a little shove from behind, he walked up the steps. Being so small, he had a huge stall back there. With plenty of hay and water, he was all set to go. Mary Ann and I hugged and said our goodbyes. She snapped a photo of us right before we left.

20170604_120900Driving slowly into town, Levi began to protest by pawing on the floor. Once we were past the town, he decided to try crawling over the gate. I pulled off the road and tied his lead rope and hay bag on the other side of the van. Much to my relief, he finally settled down and began nibbling on the fresh grass I gave him.


I stopped at two waysides to rest, before entering Wisconsin. At the last wayside, I pulled over where the “pet” area was. It was a beautiful wayside with a grassy prairie. I decided to take Levi out and sit in the shade under some trees to let him graze as we rested.


Levi was happy to be out in the grass and I began to snap a few pics to share.


I noticed the wayside worker heading towards us. I thought,”Uh oh…he’s going to tell us to leave.” NOT! He was thrilled at the sight of a donkey at the wayside.


We had a great conversation as Levi munched on the fresh grass. I told him about my friends Chris and Seth, and the ministry journey I plan to make with Levi. He talked about his wife and how he wants to take her on a trip this summer. I hope they go and have a really blessed time together. I’m truly grateful that we met, and shared this time conversing, all because of Levi. (Please pray for Ron’s wife Diane, that her health may be well and for them to get to go on that trip this summer.)



It was time for me to get back on the road. Ron offered to take a picture of Levi and I, by a special sign near the building. I read the sign called Blessings  which brought me close to tears.


20170604_160814_HDRAs we were walking I found pieces of bread on the grass and said” Look Levi…the Lord provided bread (he loves bread) so I can use it to bribe you back into the van. “Thank You Jesus!” I didn’t know how he was going to feel about getting back in the van.

download (1).jpg

With the bread in my hand Levi walked right up the stairs and settled in for the remainder of the long ride home. When we arrived home I picked up my grandsons Felix and Noah, then drove to the place where Levi will live.