We finally arrived at the ranch that Levi will call home. Solid Rock Ranch. The interesting thing is my home church is called Rock of Hope. Hmmmmm. 😌


The resident horses were excited to meet Levi. 20170604_201735

When they met him there wasn’t any ugliness or fighting.  20170604_201723


It was only minutes before we felt comfortable letting him go in and join the herd. The white mare tried to play herd boss but swift kick with his back leg told her he wasn’t having any of that. The two horses looked at each other like, Did you see that? So Levi was accepted and now happily grazes with his new friends Dakota the white horse, and Shazar the bay.


Levi took an immediate liking to my grandson Noah.


He even hugged him.20170606_190738.jpg




Can you say love at first sight? What an awesome quiet boy he is. He even let Felix snuggle him.


Then it was time to go home and let him spend his first night with the new herd of three. Thank you Lord for a safe trip home and a wonderful little donkey to love and bring love and joy  to others.