Today I loaded Levi in the van fairly early with plans to travel to West Allis to purchase a Child’s English saddle.

He really needed a bath so I went to our local car wash that has a pet wash section. It was only set up for dogs and cats so I decided to wash my van while I was there.

Next I went to my friend Cory’s and gave Levi a bath. Afterwards, I stopped for a cold drink to take along. When I went to pay, I realized my wallet was missing. Panic set in.

Heading back to the car wash, I was praying that I would find it. A gentleman called and said he was at the car wash and had found it there. He and his wife waited for me to get there. I thanked them so much and said…Thank you Jesus!

I decided to dress Levi in his 4th of July apparel for the trip. His look made it quite clear how he felt about it. “Where in my contract does it say I have to wear stupid costumes???”20170701_140721.jpg20170701_140748_hdr.jpg20170701_140630_hdr.jpgAfter a long drive, I pulled into the parking lot of a supper club where there were some people visiting on a patio. They invited us to stay and rest from the road for a bit. I removed Levi’s attire and he perked right up. Below is Brad. He loved Levi and spent alot of time playing and running with him in the field.20170701_164848

20170701_165028_hdr.jpgHis wife Beverly, offered me a soda and filled Levi’s bucket with fresh water. As we talked it was apparent to both of us that God’s hand had guided us to stop at this very place. Beverly and I shared our love of the Lord, and she shared some interesting stories of her horse showing days, and meeting Secretariat in Kentucky. While we were talking, Dora decieded to walk Levi for a while.20170701_165706_hdr.jpgIt didn’t take long for Brad to join her. 🙂20170701_171209.jpg

20170701_171156It was time to head out and Lisa, (who had the saddle) said she would meet at the Fleet Farm in Menomonee Falls. 20170701_174102As I was cleaning Levi’s stall, I noticed two guys parked on the passenger side were looking at Levi and smiling. We talked for a bit until Lisa arrived. The saddle fit but he clearly did not like it.20170701_180209_hdr.jpgAfter a quick run into the store, to buy some oats, it was time to head home.20170701_184554_hdr.jpg

We made it back just before dark and were glad to be home and relax. There was a beautiful red sunset to finish off a beautiful day.