I called our area vet clinic and had Levi checked out Monday morning to make sure all is well with him.20170710_091703_HDR

She checked his vitals and said everything was good.

20170710_091850_HDRShe checked his teeth which look good.


I had her draw some blood to test his sugar levels as well as to check if his organs are functioning properly. She said he is in perfect body condition rating him a 5 out of a 1 being worst to 10 being over weight. She said to watch his weight and if he starts gaining to cut back on his pasture intake and put him in the round pen with grass hay or barly straw. She remarked on his gentle sweet nature stating that donkeys can be grumpy and that he’s the sweetest donkey she has encountered so far. Yep… That’s my Levi. ❤