To understand the significance of this post you have to read the very first entry I made on this blog.

Today was a very special day! It was the day I would be meeting my first new artist friend, Karla Ann, who would graciously be adding Chris’s name on the van.  I wanted it to be spelled the way her family knew her, so I went on her FB page to see if I could find it.

I came upon the photo of a crazy quilt that Chris had made in 2010 for the little girl in the photo. Here is what her mother wrote: I worked with Chris for 10 years at the VA. She embodied kindness and compassion that made her one of a kind. Her genuine heart, kind smile, and true soul will be greatly missed. When my daughter was born in 2010, she handmade her a quilt that is still one of our favorites. So sorry she is gone.


The next entry: I am so very sorry for your loss. I met Chris through quilting about 15 years ago. She was a lovely, caring woman. Many lives are richer for having been blessed with her presence.

Every hair on my body stood up when I saw that. I didn’t even realize that she was a quilter when I decided to make a crazy quilt pattern with Candace, but of course, God knew it. While driving to Baraboo with Levi, I was reflecting on this and suddenly I knew exactly what He wanted to be put upon the van. Instead of having her name on the front where I originally thought it would be, I now understood clearly that this van is to be lovingly known as “Christie’s Quilt”.

My BFF told me months ago, that she believed as we travel along this journey, God will send chosen artists that will add something to the van. I just thought it would be neat to make a crazy quilt pattern for them to fill in one patch at a time. It will be amazing to see just how “Christie’s Quilt” turns out when it’s completed. What a wonderful gift to everyone this touches.

For anyone who has never been to Baraboo… This is one of the most charming towns I’ve been to. If you ever get to visit there, I promise you won’t regret it. I will be doing more trips to Baraboo and the surrounding areas before the summer ends.

They have a wonderful Market on the “Square” downtown with live music, and vendors selling their artwork every Sunday. I drove around the square, stopping to take photos along the way. The people who noticed Levi were all smiling and I could hear happy shouts of “look at the donkey”.











I circled the square again and stopped to visit with who ever wanted to see Levi by opening the side door and offering them to pet and enjoy his sweet presense. It was a very enjoyable visit and my heart was filled with joy, by all the smiles on everyone’s faces.

Here are some photos shared by one of the people who blessed me with their joy.









As I was about to leave this beautiful woman and her beautiful little girl came up to tie a prayer bracelet on my wrist. They make them and bless them giving them to people to be blessed. I am truly blessed by this lovely gesture.




Next I drove around the corner and pulled over to message Karla to find out how to get to her place. Much to my surprise, artist Theresa Wallace (Baraboo Rocks FB) came running to me and gave me the fish she had painted and I absolutely love it.




She would like to paint something on the quilt. I think we will make a patch with many small size shapes and allow artists from Baraboo Rocks to decorate a patchwork patch.

At last I made my way to Karla’s house where I met her lovely family and she began to work on the artwork. It had just started to rain lightly, so she graciously worked painting with umbrella in her hand, while standing on a ladder. What a trooper.


Suddenly the rain stopped. We were like Thank you Jesus! Karla continued to paint while Levi waited patiently in his stall on wheels.







God Bless you Karla. It was a super special day I will never forget. Words can’t express the gratitude in my heart for your talented gift that has added so much character to the van. I loved our visit as you did your thing. Everyone loves it. I look forward to more of your artwork blessings upon Christie’s Quilt.


After a hard job which she made look absolutely easy as pie, Karla finally got to visit with Levi. She fed him a slice of cinnamon bread which he loved and happily ate to the last crumb.





After a final hug goodbye for now…with plans to meet again to add more of her creative freestyle writing on the other side of Freedom… I headed home with a stop at the square to place some of Levi’s rocks for others to find.