There’s a big phenomenon going on where different cities have clubs that paint and hide rocks for others to find and keep or rehide. They are gifts of kindness intended to bring a smile to someone’s day. The club I’m in is called Baraboo Rocks on FB.

My friend Trish J. told me how she is practicing to paint Levi on some rocks along with the blog on the back, so I can leave them in places along the journey and people can find them.

I decided to do a few myself so Felix and I went on an adventure to the city dump area that’s for brush, grass clippings, tree mulch and stones.



Stones galore…free for the taking. I’m also into being frugal and doing things on as little cost as possible.

Washed. Dried. Ready to paint.

We filled this basket. Once home we washed and let them dry.


I began to paint them. Each one says Levi and has a hoof print on the front and our blog u.r.l. on the back.






Back of finished stones.


I hope they enjoy these little gifts of art that I leave behind as we travel along our journey. If you get one please send a photo in the comment section.

Thank you for visiting and may God Bless you and yours.