I picked up Levi tonight to take a trip to Lodi with Candace and Iysis.


We stopped at Tractor Supply for fresh Pine Shavings. Next a stop at WalMart  to get a 9×12 sheet of plastic to lay behind the van so I can sweep all the cedar shavings out. I parked in the back by the Automotive entrance.  The check out girl asked if I had the van with Levi in it. She was so excited that she left the store to come out to pet him. Afterwards I went home and cleaned the van out thoroughly with some help from my friend Tammy.

I headed to Candace’s house where I sent her a text to please bring me out some cold water (since I was thirsty.) She thought it was for Levi so here is what she brought me.


This is their first trip with Levi and Iysis is very excited to be going.


She loves Levi and spends a little time petting and brushing him before having to buckle up.


We drive down I39 to 78 and take 78 to Merrimac. The ferry is across the lake when we arrive so we wait for it to return.  As we drive on a guy coming off the ferry on a motercycle sees Levi. He turns around and comes back on the ferry to get a photo of Levi. Here are a few photos from the ferry ride. The guy up in the top got a great laugh out of the whole thing.




I took a quick video before exiting the ferry.

We drove into Lodi and found the mailbox that Candace accidentally bumped with the side mirror and knocked over before the parade. We are replacing it this weekend.



I figured it was old wood because im pretty sure the mirror would have bent or broke off if it had been newer. I will be glad to get it replaced soon.

Back to the ferry for a trip home.


This is the latest trip I’ve taken with Levi. The sunset was beautiful from the Ferry. A family came back to see Levi. It was good to finally return home. No more driving home in the dark for us.