Saturday was a beautiful day. I decided to pick up Levi and head to Wisconsin Dells to take a hike. 20170909_143934_HDR

I wish I had a camera attached on the back of my van to record people’s reactions to seeing Levi riding back there. It’s so much fun to see mouths drop open in surprise or the smiles that they get. You even can see them laughing out loud. I will have to get a go pro and install it some day.

We arrived at the trail around 4pm. Levi jumped out of the back and we started down the trail.


This trail is very well kept. There are little tree roots in a lot of places so I found myself tripping quite a bit but it was still a pretty trail. Levi was quite amped up today. I think it’s because he hasn’t been out for over a week. Felix worked on calming him then claimed he healed him.


The trail was quiet except for Felix and my breathing which was very labored today. We were the only ones walking it at the time besides a young guy who was way ahead of us. Felix believes the trail is an old river bed.


We come to an open sunny field. It’s a path for huge power lines. This leads to a very wooded section.


Felix decides it’s the never ending forest where danger lurks. I think he’s been watching to much tv. He finds joy in collecting acorns though. 🙂


The best part of hiking in the fall is no bugs. Levi loves eating the dryed out leaves.


Just ahead is the Wisconsin River. I had hoped we could make it down to the beach but the trail was closed today.

The famous view that will be on my logo… 🙂


We headed back down a different loop of the trail and ended up in a campground just south of the parking lot we were parked in.

People greeted us at the campground and loved meeting Levi. A young woman named Rhamanda looked up this blog as I told her about the journey.  We drove back to give them a few of our stones before we left for home.

Back at the ranch Levi was happy to be with his buddy Shazar. This had been a great day.