Sunday it was hot and humid out. 89 degress. People wanting to stay inside. I could not stand the thought of doing so. Not knowing the dreaded winter season is just around the corner. I told Felix we were going for a hike. So with Levi loaded up we hit the road.

After about a 45 min drive we arrived at our destination. Indian Lake County Park.



This place is a hikers paradise. They also have wonderful facilites like a picnic area with shelter and a small playground.


Nice bathroom facilities with a drinking fountain (known in Wisconsin as a bubbler).


We began the hike. Following the trail that circles the entire lake.


Near the start of the hike. A jogger came by and asked if he could snap a photo of Levi. He then offered to takea photo of Levi and I, which I was so thankful for.


I was thrilled to be out and hiking even though it was very hot.



Felix was enjoying it and quite entertaining as usual. Here’s him jumping in the lake to at the boat launch.



This was a bit long for us but I have no regrets what so ever. The last leg of the hike was done on the road because it came to a dead end.  We had to cut thru tall grass to get to the road which was a bit of a disappointment but all in all it was a good time.


Felix found the playground at the end. We met a young couple who had two of their daughters along. They enjoyed Levi and we gave them a stone to remember the meet up.


Then we drove home. Didn’t arrive until dark. That’s it for this adventure.