As you may know from a prior entry, Meet Millie Noe, the first painting she did was mostly washed away the same night she did it due to a heavy down pour while the paint and clear coat hadn’t dried completely.


Like the sweetheart that she is, Millie agreed to do a new painting with Levi up close so he would be more visable from a distance.

I went out to our local Portage Do It Center and talked with the guy in the paint department. He suggested using Valspar Tractor Implament oil based paint. He gave me $5.00 off the total as a contribution towards the mission.

We drove to her place where she was set up and ready to roll.


Again she had juice boxes, a variety of beverages, and the easal, paper, and brushes ready for Felix to paint.



We worked on sanding the hood by using a hand sander but that wasn’t working so well. I made the mistake of going down to the metal in a few spots and her husband let me use some grey primer spray to cover the spots. I then used 600 grit auto sand paper and wet sanded as she continued on the rest of the first painting. We got most of the first painting removed but could not get all of it off so she painted over it.

FB_IMG_1506522393807 The painting begins…





Candace surprised me by driving there with a post hole digger to get the ladies mail box, she had accidentally hit and knocked down, put up. She and her “daughter” Sage joined in on painting as well.


Millie’s husband took the mailbox and made a wooden board to fit the bottom of it and then attached it to the post. Their dog kept busy eating his way into the hole he had made in the ground.


The finished painting.


After wards Millie went with me to see if we could get the mailbox installed. There was no way to do so. The ground was just too hard. I knocked on the door of the neighbor across the street. Sherry, who lives there came to the door. I explained what had happened and if she knew any strong guy or teen who could put the post in. She was so nice and said she would have her husband do it. I offered to pay but she said no worries. I mailed out Thank You cards though since it was the least I could do.

Millie and I hugged and parted. She had a family member with health issues in crisis the whole time we were doing this process. Sadly it did not end well. (Please pray for God’s peace and comfort for this wonderful family.)

I called the guy who sold me the van and he said he would apply a professional clear coat on the hood. He and his helper Javier did a great job.

This is the van with the clear coat.


This is Oliver and Maria and their little new Chihuahua pup.


It was so great to have my van back as it was at the garage for over a week before I could get her back.


Home Sweet Home…