20180415_092257While winter does her best to carry on here in Wisconsin, steps continue to be made to ready ourselves for the upcoming trip in June.

I took Christie’s Quilt to the shop. 1500.00 later she has 4 new routers and brakes and one new back brake caliper. A tune up with new spark plugs and 3 new coils. The Oil cap entrance and tube has been cleaned up and repositioned so it is no longer leaking. A previous visit replaced serpentine belt and pulleys. I’m pretty sure she’s ready for the trip.

She still needs the back door latch fixed and a wheel chair ramp to get him in and out.

I also need to purchase a back camera system and have it installed. so I can see what’s behind me when I’m backing up. Right now it’s hard without one.FB_IMG_1506535854790
Joe (my son) will be building a stall wall, across the back where Levi likes to stand to keep him safe. It will be coated so it will be waterproof and easy to clean. A shelf unit will be built between the back seat and his stall, where I can store things like hay, grain, brushes, and shavings in bins.

My sleeping area will be directly behind my driver’s seat. Mattress will be bungie tight upright until needed. Clothing in bins on the passenger side by the wheelchair door and a collapsable table to put in front of the bus seat.