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Time was closing in on me to have the van ready to go, as well as to find the route out there.

I was beginning to have doubts about going and contemplated switching the time that was scheduled out to leave to July 12th.

Since Seth had asked about 3 weeks prior to join me on this trip, and was going to start a job when we returned, I decieded to stick with the dates of June 14th-30th.

Searching every night for a route to take out there, by way of Iowa and Nebraska was exhausting. It was not bringing me peace.

I decided to check out traveling through Minnesota, the land of lakes and North Dakota to see the painted hills.

At first I was checking into state camp grounds along the way out there. There were some great options however, the 10 day weather forecast was calling for rain nearly every day. At the last minute, of the day before I was supposed to leave, there was no “peace” about where we would stay. I needed to find a place where Levi would have shelter, and we would not be stuck in the van watching him stand in the rain.

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I looked up and said out loud “Lord, please help me. I don’t know where to go.” With in a few minutes I found a horse motel in Fergus Falls and booked Friday night there.

The next place I found by searching for horse campgrounds in North Dakota. It was the Bar X Ranch in Medora, North Dakota. It was 393 miles from our stay in Fergus Falls, straight out HWY I90, and ONLY 226 miles from the Haycreek Ranch.

I explained to Doug, the owner, that we had a Cabin booked at the Haycreek Ranch and needed a place to stay for Saturday and Sunday, on our way out there. He said, “I know Doug down there at the Haycreek Ranch. He’s a good guy”  He explained that he had RV and camp sites, as well as cabins. I asked what he had for cabins. “Oh’ I have the small one open for those days. It’s the least expensive one I have. It’s nothing fancy but it has a queen bed with a twin bunk on top and a second set of bunks as well.”

I asked how much it was. “75.00 a day” he replied. I asked if that included the donkey. He said “Usually it’s $10.00 a day per horse but if you want to take it for the weekend, we’ll include him the deal. “I’ll take it!” I replied.

Now I finally had a peace about what direction we would traveling and where we would be be staying. It was such a relief to finally have a direction and a plan.

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