Friday morning and Im up by 7am drinking fresh hot coffee and loading up the van.

This was a lengthy process because it takes a while to find a place for everything. I must have everything organized in order to be able to function.

Seth came later than expected. I had everything packed. He wasn’t feeling very well.

We did some last minute errands like filling the tank at Kwik Trip, shopping at the local Wal-Mart, and picking up shavings and pellets for Levi’s pool.

I still had to finish clipping him but it went really fast.

I had anticipated us leaving early, like by 10 at the very latest but somehow, we never managed to leave until 1PM.

I drove up I90 W. and we came upon the first town we hit when we entered Minnesota. I snapped a photo of Dakota Minnesota.


My grandaughter Dakota had just given birth to her first child. She’s a beautiful little girl named Bella.

I knew Dakota would enjoy seeing this sign.

Heading through the outskirts of Rochester we hit a big storm. Seth took video as I drove.



I decieded to check out the state park near Mankato since we were close to it.

Minneopa Falls

547th Ave, Mankato, MN 56001

This park has campground and the Falls are absolutely beautiful and are extremely easy to walk.

The park attendant is a sweet woman, who was the first person of all I met, that was aware of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Inc

They have a group of participants in the program that fish at the park.

I invited her in to meet Levi and he seemed to enjoy her company.







Above is one of my favorite photos of us.

Heading North we’re way out in the boonies and we stop at this gas station. Something wss really weird about the gas because I blew thru it twice as fast as. There was also a crazyy, drugged guy, but we won’t go into that.

Around 10:30 PM we arrived at our destination. 20180615_192839_HDR20180615_19284620180615_192854

After the gas station, Seth got busy taking pictures of the Minnesota Sunset. We called the horse motel to let them know we’d be later than expected. I had planned to leave out early every day and settle before dark. That wasnt working well for us. Ultimately, when your traveling your best off leaving early morning by say 9am and early to set. 20180615_210435_HDR20180615_204304


We V the stable and they were waiting for us. He had a great paddock to stretch out and roll.