Saturday started with rainy weather. We got ready just in time before the rain hit.

We stopped in Fargo to check out the visitors center.


Next I stopped at an interesting resturant and snapped a few shots while Seth was resting.



The next place that caught my eye was a man cave sale. The gals were excited to meet Levi.


This bridge caught my eye so we got a photo of it as well.


As we were driving along I94 we suddenly came upon the painted hills. They are amazing.



With the rain, the road to our cabin was slippery, red, clay. Navigating the van on this slick mess was extremely difficult. We ended up about 7 miles beyond the driveway and had to turn around and go back. After a lot of praying as I drove up a huge hill, we finally reached our destination. This place is amazing. The cabin only 75.00 per night.


That night we visited with the neighbors. They were from Fergus Falls MN where we had spent the previous night. They gave us left over meatloaf with mashed potatoes which was so good.

All in all it was a great day.